Friday, March 30, 2012

ZOO Trip #2

Over my mom's spring break we made another trip down to the zoo!  In just one week, the scenery was even more beautiful, the animals were SO active & the zoo was much more crowded!  It was definitely nice to have an extra set of hands! 
The elephants were very active, here is the male out walking around
Henry chasing his shadow
A young elephant out for a swim.  This was SOOO cool!  He was splashing, diving under, and flopping around in the water!  Definitely worth the trip just to watch this!
Henry with a full belly, getting very sleepy as Mommy and Eli ride the carousel. 
 The crew in front of the tulips!
Grandma Kathy bought Eli a hippo figurine at the zoo & he proceeded to show all of the animals his hippo.  Here he is showing the chimpanzees.
Wiped out!

Checking out the geese. 
Oh how I am thankful for my boys, they make me smile all day long!

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