Friday, March 30, 2012

New Sandbox

For Henry's birthday I was planning on getting them a sandbox.  While searching online I found plans for a sandbox that were way better (and cheaper) than any plastic one I found.  The top of the box folds into cool!  So with a little paint and some of Anthony's labor we made Henry's birthday present.  I think it turned out great and the boys seem to love it, because they have played in it almost every day since we filled it with sand! 

 Sand and doesn't get much better!

Cake #1

We had planned on a night-in for Henry's Bday, but when Anthony's Uncle Ted and wife Laura invited us down for a fish fry we couldn't pass it up!  The food was delicious and the company was even better!  We all sung Henry "Happy Birthday" and he dove right into his first cake!  (don't worry it's not moldy, just a green jello cake)
 "Hmmm, this looks pretty tasty!"

"Oh yeah, good stuff mama!"

Birthday Balloons

I saw the idea online to start the birthday tradition of filling your child's room with balloons on their birthday.  That way, when they wake up on their birthday they will know that it's their special day.  I loved the idea & for $0.98 Henry woke up to a room full of balloons on his first birthday!  Of course he called them "balls" and had fun throwing them around his room (& the rest of the house for the day).  Eli saw them and immediately started lining them up to count them...nerd. 

 Happy 1st Birthday Little Man! 
At one year Henry...
...walks from room to room
...eats all table food, with a prefernce for meat and pasta. 
...loves to bug Eli by taking his toys
...can stand up all by himself without using something to pull up on
...giggles and smiles ALL the time!
...says, "ball" "mama" "dada" "ahh" (when he wants a drink) and "MMM" (at the cows)
...loves to look at the cows
...lights up when daddy comes home slow to go to strangers
...loves to swing
...tries to eat rocks, dandelions and sand :)
...sleeps GREAT, usually just one 2-3 hr afternoon nap & 11-12 hours at night
...has 6 teeth, but tries to eat almost everything! the greatest gift Mommy, Daddy & Eli could ever ask for!

ZOO Trip #2

Over my mom's spring break we made another trip down to the zoo!  In just one week, the scenery was even more beautiful, the animals were SO active & the zoo was much more crowded!  It was definitely nice to have an extra set of hands! 
The elephants were very active, here is the male out walking around
Henry chasing his shadow
A young elephant out for a swim.  This was SOOO cool!  He was splashing, diving under, and flopping around in the water!  Definitely worth the trip just to watch this!
Henry with a full belly, getting very sleepy as Mommy and Eli ride the carousel. 
 The crew in front of the tulips!
Grandma Kathy bought Eli a hippo figurine at the zoo & he proceeded to show all of the animals his hippo.  Here he is showing the chimpanzees.
Wiped out!

Checking out the geese. 
Oh how I am thankful for my boys, they make me smile all day long!

More Springtime Fun

Ok, we seriously need to make some money on this kid's good looks!  Am I right or just biased?
 Then there's Eli...this little man had a run-in with a shopping cart.  He stood up while I was pushing the cart, fell forward and his the front seat where Henry sits, scraping his nose and cutting the skin next to his eye.  Poor little guy, needless to say he's opted out of riding in the cart the last couple of trips.

 The boys got a water table for Christmas from Grandpa Dan.  With the 80 degree weather recently I took it out last week.  Boy did they have fun, can't wait for summer now!

Playing Outside

When the wind blows the right way we spend a lot of time outdoors!  Here's Henry trying to conquer the slide!
Such a stinker!

"sharing" Alphabet Eggs...thank you pinterest :)  I used some of last year's Easter eggs & put rub-on scrapbook letters on each part of the egg.  Uppercase on top and Lowercase letters on bottom.  Eli's a wiz at these eggs & Henry, well it's just another way he torments Eli. 

1st Trip to the Zoo 2012

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this March.  So much so that I got the insane idea to take the boys to the zoo by myself a couple of weeks ago.  Overall, the trip was successful.  The ride home was a little rocky, but we made it!  Eli loved the zoo!  In fact that's part of the reason why the trip home wasn't so pleasant, Eli was crying saying he wanted to go back to the zoo!  
This picture is specifically taken to freak out the Grandma's..haha
Checkin' out the fish!
 Henry's ride. Eli walked through a lot of the zoo so he could get a better look at things, but Henry was pretty content in the stroller...thank goodness! 
Eli loved this construction fence...must be a boy thing.  But the picture turned out pretty cute :)
 Eli's Zoo Favorites...Penguins, Chimpanzees and the Reptile House.  I think he could have stared at this snake all day...gross!  The worst part, this is the deadliest snake in the reptile house....ewww.
This is Henry at the Reptile House...poor guy just couldn't hang on any longer!
I have soooo many great pics from the zoo, but it would take me all day to share them.  I guess you'll just have to check out my scrapbooks :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing Baby Luke Schneider!

Anthony's cousin Jacob and his wife Stephanie welcomed their first child Luke just a few short weeks ago!  Our boys were finally well enough to go up to Hannibal for a visit, so we jumped on the opportunity and spent Sunday evening visiting with the new parents. 
 Anthony and Jacob's college roommate Bryce, his wife Callie and daughter Reese also came over from IL. What a wonderful surprise! It's amazing what just a few short years will do. These boys went from college keg parties to playdates! It was so wonderful catching up & I hope it's not another 3-4 years before we do it again.

No More Baby Bed

After a few nights and naps in a row in his big boy bed, I decided it's time to say bye-bye to Eli's crib.  I think I was more upset by the ordeal than anyone else, so I thought we'd make a big deal out of it and have Eli help Anthony take it down.  It was cute how much Eli enjoyed this task. Now we are in his Queen bed full time & not looking back.  Eli's done really well, he'll even wait for us to come get him after nap and in the morning before he'll climb out.  We stratigically don't have any toys in his room, so he knows when it's time for bed, it's time to sleep!  We are so proud of our big boy!

Waving "bye-bye" to the crib
 Daddy's Little Helper!

 Henry wanted in on the action too!

I think this may be the only down side to Eli's big bed....Anthony thinks he needs to "help" Eli nap.  :)  This past Sunday was a perfect day for napping...

Supper Time

Welcome to our craziness that is supper time at our house!  Here's a glimpse into our "peaceful" suppers at home.  :)  Cheesy Eli

Messy Henry

???? Silly Boys!

Our Bookworm

Eli loves books!  Here he is reading one of his Library books with daddy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails...

...That's What Little Boys Are Made of!
Here are a few pics of my boys being BOYS!
Lucky for Eli there is new rock in our driveway!  He's had lots of fun scooping up rocks & playing in the rock pile (before Uncle Greg spread it out)

I love how you never know who's gonna stop by.  On this day Anthony's Aunt Betty came to take care of her strawberries and had Rene, Aiden & Carley along too.  Chad & Eric were also there to work (and play a little!)  Boy did Eli have fun running around with Aiden! 
 Eli watching daddy reload some bullets. 
 I love how no one can make Henry laugh quite like Eli.  Here they are playing Peek-a-Boo!  Henry just cracks up!
 Eli is slightly obsessed with letters and numbers.  Yesterday while doing dishes Eli entertained himself for 20 minutes by moving magnets across the fridge and saying what each one was.