Friday, March 30, 2012

1st Trip to the Zoo 2012

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this March.  So much so that I got the insane idea to take the boys to the zoo by myself a couple of weeks ago.  Overall, the trip was successful.  The ride home was a little rocky, but we made it!  Eli loved the zoo!  In fact that's part of the reason why the trip home wasn't so pleasant, Eli was crying saying he wanted to go back to the zoo!  
This picture is specifically taken to freak out the Grandma's..haha
Checkin' out the fish!
 Henry's ride. Eli walked through a lot of the zoo so he could get a better look at things, but Henry was pretty content in the stroller...thank goodness! 
Eli loved this construction fence...must be a boy thing.  But the picture turned out pretty cute :)
 Eli's Zoo Favorites...Penguins, Chimpanzees and the Reptile House.  I think he could have stared at this snake all day...gross!  The worst part, this is the deadliest snake in the reptile house....ewww.
This is Henry at the Reptile House...poor guy just couldn't hang on any longer!
I have soooo many great pics from the zoo, but it would take me all day to share them.  I guess you'll just have to check out my scrapbooks :)

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