Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turkey Season 2010

Proud Papa and future turkey slayer... Daddy and Eli after Anthony's first kill. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am planning on making all of Eli's babyfood, so I am helping my mom with her garden to obtain some fresh fruits and vegetables.  I've always loved gardening, but we just don't have the space or tools at our house.  Ehat a fun way to spend the summer than in Grandma's garden.  Eli loves the outdoors & had a great time listening to the sounds and watching the sights just beyond Grandma's Garden. 
Eli playing in his stroller while mom gets everything set up to plant.
This is the location where Eli played most of the afternoon.  Unfortunately he spent only 10 minutes sleeping...there was just too much to see! 
I brought a exersaucer too, although he really didn't spend much time  in it. 

Peek A Boo!

Eli cracks us up when he sleeps.  To put himself to sleep he pulls his blanket up to his nose.  Every time I pull it down he pulls it back up and on and on it goes.  So I just let him pull it up and after he falls asleep I fold it down.  Most of the time while he sleeps, back up the blanket goes.  I've tried leaving the blanket off, but he cries until I cover him....oh the temper begins! 

Our Growing Boy...

Eli is 4 1/2 months old now & wow time is flying by.  Here are just a few fun snapshots from the past 2 weeks.  Below Eli is checking out the camera that is always in his face!  I love this picture, he is becoming so inquisitive about the world around him. 
Eli LOVES his cow...her name is "Molly Moo".  He sucks on her silk nose and grabs her feet.  I am finding myself taking her away when it is time for him to sleep because he gets so excited talking, moaning and screetching while he plays with her.  It really is funny! 
My cousin Christina and I are really enjoying having our little ones close in age.  This picture was taken after a long walk on a hot day.  Chloe and Eli were exhausted! 

Eli's Sunday nap in mom and dad's bed.  He was OUT! 
One of my favorite pair of jammies!  Here Eli is enjoying some tummy time.  Although he doesn't show interest in rolling over--either direction--I'm sure it will happen soon. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and MORE!

Eli and I on the Saturday before Easter.  Grandma Kathy made Eli a bib for cute! 
Daddy and Eli on Easter morning!  Aren't they precious all dressed up?!  We had such a wonderful we were about to eat breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Schneider's house. 
Eli and his cousin Caroline at Anthony's Aunt Donna's house.  Caroline is 2 weeks younger than Eli...they were SO cute together! 

Highlights from the past 2 months.....
Grandpa Dan and Eli in their matching John Deere hats.
Daddy and Eli.  I LOVE this photo.
Smiling Eli.
This is what happens when Daddy dresses Eli.  Camo on top and bottom.  He walked out of Eli's room like this and I cracked up.  Anthony actually thought it was a good looking outfit :)
For a while Eli was sucking his thumb to put himself to sleep.  On this night Anthony was holding Eli when he started fussing.  As soon as he found his thumb he was OUT!  So sweet.  Now Eli doesn't suck his thumb, but he does chew on his thumb and pointer fingers and slobbers everywhere! 

These two pictures were from our first fishing outing. 
This is how we often find Eli when he sleeps.  He is such a sound sleeper! 

Past 2 months!

Sorry I have been so bad about updating my blog lately!  We've had some computer issues and I've been pretty busy lately.  I thought I'd take a little time to update everyone on Eli....
In his 3rd and 4th month he has grown so much!  On Easter weekend he started laughing and talking A LOT!  He cooed every now and then, now he has found his voice and even talks in his sleep.  He hasn't yet rolled over, but he is throwing his legs up and over.  I'm sure it will be soon!  Eli LOVES his jumper, he gets so excited, jumps and talks to the farm animals that surround him.  Anthony and I are really enjoying the great weather.  We've taken Eli fishing a couple of times (Well, Anthony fishes and we watch!) and he seems to love being outside!  Eli is such a healthy baby, we have been so lucky to have such a good eater, sleeper and just the picture of health.  The doctor and nurses just eat him up at check ups!