Monday, April 5, 2010

Past 2 months!

Sorry I have been so bad about updating my blog lately!  We've had some computer issues and I've been pretty busy lately.  I thought I'd take a little time to update everyone on Eli....
In his 3rd and 4th month he has grown so much!  On Easter weekend he started laughing and talking A LOT!  He cooed every now and then, now he has found his voice and even talks in his sleep.  He hasn't yet rolled over, but he is throwing his legs up and over.  I'm sure it will be soon!  Eli LOVES his jumper, he gets so excited, jumps and talks to the farm animals that surround him.  Anthony and I are really enjoying the great weather.  We've taken Eli fishing a couple of times (Well, Anthony fishes and we watch!) and he seems to love being outside!  Eli is such a healthy baby, we have been so lucky to have such a good eater, sleeper and just the picture of health.  The doctor and nurses just eat him up at check ups! 

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