Monday, October 31, 2011

Lil' Scooter

I'm asked all the time if Henry's crawling yet.  Not yet, but he seems to get where he wants to go.  He twists, turns and rolls to what he wants.

Basket Case!

This is the reasons I stay home!  It's memories like this one that cracks me up and makes me so glad I can witness these little moments that come and go so quickly.  Eli thought it was funny that I put Henry in a basket with some toys so they would slide out of his reach.  So he thought he'd join in on the fun...
 I did not prompt this, but followed the action with camera in-hand.  (Henry really enjoyed the ride)

Playing at the Park

Warrenton has a great park for the kids.  On this day I met with Stacy Schroer who had a couple of kids in tow & the kiddos had a blast!  Here is Henry in his first swing ride at the park. 
 The "big" kids...Eli, Tate and Ava.
 Eli LOVED this slide.  It's the hardest slide for him to get to because he has to go to the other side of the equipment, climb stairs, ramps and bridges to get to it.  But I guess to him it's worth it.  Because every time he squeals with laughter all the way down. 

Our last walk

Our last wagon ride in our subdivision.  Right when Henry graduated to sitting in the wagon too!  

 My little man.  So serious.
 Watching his brother run circles around him.  Don't worry Henry you'll catch up with him soon enough.

Just Grandma and ME!

We are blessed with the BEST grandparents for our kids!  At the drop of a hat, I can usually get a grandma to help out with the boys.  Eli and Henry both adore their grandparents too!  Here are a couple of pics of Henry with his grandma's...who were a HUGE help in our move last week! 

Pumpkin Patch 2011

It's becoming a tradition (that I LOVE) to go to the pumpkin patch every year.  Eli even ventured to Pumpkin's Galore with me while I was still pregnant with him.  I look forward to going on this adventure and this year Anthony even joined us...what a blessing!  It can be difficult to get Anthony away from work or helping out at the farm this time of year, so I cherish this memory at the local pumpkin patch!
Finally, a picture of me :) 

 Daddy buried Eli in soybeans...cute!
 I hate to brag, but Anthony and I agree...Henry is such a handsome little man!  But we aren't biased or anything. 

Best Buds

September 24, 2011
On this particular day we were headed to the pumpkin patch.  I pulled out a bunch of hats for the somewhat breezy day and came aross Eli's from last winter.  These pictures crack me up, I just love how the boys interact with one another.  I hope they are forever best friends and partners in crime.