Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh Happy Boy!

It seems like the moment I post pictures Eli learns something new and the post is outdated!  Eli has found his toes...I think it's adorable. 
Oh you make me smile....

Oh the difference 4 months makes!  Here is Eli and his new friend Autumn.  I am watching Autumn 2-3 days a week and enjoying every minute--she is such a sweet girl.  I can't believe the difference 4 months makes.  I already can't remember Eli that size. 

First Tooth!

On Saturday our little boy got his first tooth.  Here he is Friday evening, cuddling with daddy & not feeling so great.  Tuesday he got his second tooth and returned to his usual, cheerful self!  It's amazing how special these milestones are.  Time is just flying by.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time to Eat!

Eli has started eating baby food which has been quite an experiance.  So far he has had rice cereal, bananas, avacados and sweet potatoes.  His favorite is definitely sweet potatoes--which is great because we will have a lot in our garden this year! 
First taste of bananas
When I'm done eating I get to play with my spoon...oh, the simple things! 
I'm really more interested in my toes than eating!
My favorite--Sweet Potatoes!!! (nice job getting it down the hatch daddy)
Who can resist this smile!  (not mom or dad)

Happy 1st Mother's Day!

This past weekend we celebrated my 1st Mother's Day!  It was a great day...breakfast (including a diaper blowout), nap, visiting with family and dinner at Olive Garden.  I am so happy to be a mommy and can't wait to spend each day with my beautiful son!  He's such a JOY!  Here are a couple pictures of Eli and I...check out his shirt--it's a little small but I had to squeeze him in it for the day!
Right before bed (can't you tell by Eli's face) we thought we'd take a family picture!  Who do you think he resembles? 

5 1/2 months...

At 5 1/2 months I am a very busy boy!  I am interested in everything around me.  I started rolling over recently and love to play on my stomach.  At times I get afraid of new people, but as long as mommy or daddy is near I'm usually ok.  I especially enjoy this warm weather...I get to show off my legs!  With mommy babysitting I have friends coming to my house nearly everyday & I love playing with my buddies! 
Cousins...Eli and Ava (both 5 1/2 months old)  Now they are aware of each others' cute!  I have the hardest time dressing Eli, this is a 9 month outfit (he's never worn) and it's too short.  But some 3 month clothes still fit too...I'm convinced there should be more regulation on children's clothing.  :) 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

Each day with Eli is even better than before!  We are so blessed to have this wonderful little boy in our life and love watching him grow each day!  Eli LOVES his jumper..although I've said it before...these pictures really show his excitement. 

Recent rainstorms left us without power one evening....Anthony and Eli found entertainment in a flashlight (Anthony is going to kill me for this)

Watching the weather channel I'm sure...doesn't this remind anyone of Forest Gump?!