Monday, May 23, 2011

God Bless Our Little Boy

Saturday evening we celebrated the baptism of our son Henry.  It was a blessed occasion filled with love and family. 
 Henry slept through the whole event, until father baptised him with the holy water.  He opened his eyes just for a moment and then drifted back to sleep.  The church's air conditioning was out, making the event pretty sticky for us all.
 Henry smiling at his Godfather Craig, Anthony's brother.

Henry with his Godmother Danielle

A Visit From Uncle Pete!!!

This past weekend my brother Pete came up from Houston for a visit!  We couldn't wait for him to meet his new nephew Henry & catch up with Eli.  Here he is holding Henry for the first time.  
Saturday morning Eli and Uncle Pete got LOTS of playing in!  Here they are running around the house in the wagon.  We could here Eli laughing all the way around the house.  SO cute!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Card

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

For Mother's Day this year I made myself and our moms' gifts.  Stepstools are something we were all needing soon for Eli, so I made them with footprints of the boys.  I can't take full credit for the idea, I got it from neat crafting ideas there!  Anyways, it was a lot of fun and turned out really sweet!
 Only one problem...the blog said to use spray paint because it dries fast & I didn't read the label before I did Eli's footprints.  It was oil based & I didn't have anything to clean it up.  Due to Anthony's busy schedule right now, Eli had to play with white feet until my dad could run us up some cleaner...thanks dad!  Don't worry, Henry's footprints could be washed off with soap and water! 

Mom and I with the babies on Mother's Day.  What a beautiful day it was!

Anita and the boys!  Happy Mother's Day!

Oh boy!

For some reason Eli thought it would be fun to wear my nursing a cape.  While running around the house, he giggled as the material flowed behind him.  What a goof ball!

 Henry doesn't know what to think about all of this. 

Plant a seed and watch it grow...

We are loving all of our time spent outdoors.  Lately Eli can't get enough!  When he wants to go outside he brings me a pair of shoes..or two..or three, and says "bye-bye".  His favorite activities include sidewalk chalk, going down his slide (thanks Brandi!), wagon rides and especially playing with the neighbors' dog...a St. Bernard named "Bear".  Here Anthony and Eli are heading over to the neighbors fence to say his daily "hello" to Bear. 

Anthony and I decided to put a garden in at our house this year.  In years past we helped out at mom's as much as we could, but with two small children we knew it would be easier to just put one in here.  So we (I mean Anthony) tilled up a small patch and planted some seeds last week.  Eli could help but walk through the garden & fall many times.  He wasn't too keen on the dirt all over his hands until he figured out he could wipe them off on daddy's pants. :) 
We teach them early..


Henry is growing like a weed!  Here he is at 5 weeks.  Henry is still a great baby.  He loves to cuddle & has started smiling at us occasionally. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Crayons

There's nothing like a new set of crayons.  Eli got a pack from Grandma Simpson for he is putting them to use. 
He only bit the tips off of a couple...if you look closely you can see the colors running out of his mouth.

Easter 2011

My handsome little boy after his first big hunt!  Easter eggs that is.  It was so much fun watching Eli discover that the eggs contained candy...he couldn't wait to find more!  Here he is after gathering up all of the eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Simpson's. 
 Grandma Kathy and her sweet new grandson.  Henry is 1 month.
 Daddy's boys.
 Easter morning!  Oooo, candy!  Eli found the candy right away!
 Poor Henry, Mommy and Daddy had to eat his Easter candy for him.  :)
 2 words...JELLY BEANS!  Although I'm convinced they made Eli crazy on Easter, he was pretty cute chowing down on the sweets.
 Holy cow...there's candy in these eggs too!  Eli at his second hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Schneider's.  Only this time he had his uncles and cousins for competition! 
 See ya!  Eli heading down to see Emily's puppies.  When we told him no and started after him, he took off running!  Oh boy!