Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Plant a seed and watch it grow...

We are loving all of our time spent outdoors.  Lately Eli can't get enough!  When he wants to go outside he brings me a pair of shoes..or two..or three, and says "bye-bye".  His favorite activities include sidewalk chalk, going down his slide (thanks Brandi!), wagon rides and especially playing with the neighbors' dog...a St. Bernard named "Bear".  Here Anthony and Eli are heading over to the neighbors fence to say his daily "hello" to Bear. 

Anthony and I decided to put a garden in at our house this year.  In years past we helped out at mom's as much as we could, but with two small children we knew it would be easier to just put one in here.  So we (I mean Anthony) tilled up a small patch and planted some seeds last week.  Eli could help but walk through the garden & fall many times.  He wasn't too keen on the dirt all over his hands until he figured out he could wipe them off on daddy's pants. :) 
We teach them early..

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