Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011

My handsome little boy after his first big hunt!  Easter eggs that is.  It was so much fun watching Eli discover that the eggs contained candy...he couldn't wait to find more!  Here he is after gathering up all of the eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Simpson's. 
 Grandma Kathy and her sweet new grandson.  Henry is 1 month.
 Daddy's boys.
 Easter morning!  Oooo, candy!  Eli found the candy right away!
 Poor Henry, Mommy and Daddy had to eat his Easter candy for him.  :)
 2 words...JELLY BEANS!  Although I'm convinced they made Eli crazy on Easter, he was pretty cute chowing down on the sweets.
 Holy cow...there's candy in these eggs too!  Eli at his second hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Schneider's.  Only this time he had his uncles and cousins for competition! 
 See ya!  Eli heading down to see Emily's puppies.  When we told him no and started after him, he took off running!  Oh boy!

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