Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Little Monkey's 1st Birthday!

Choosing a "theme" for Henry's birthday really wasn't difficult.  Anthony and I have both called him a little monkey for months now, because he climbs on everything (and he hangs on my hip like a monkey too).  With a little creativity I made all of the party decorations, including his monkey cake!  It's not perfect, but it's made with love! 

Happy First Birthday Henry....

A new rocking horse from Great-Grandma Simpson, Great-Aunt Barb & cousin Lena!  Both boys LOVE the rocking horse and ride it often!

Opening gifts...Henry got LOTS of clothes, which works out great because all of Eli's hand-me-downs are winter clothes and Henry was in need of summer.  But not any more!  He also got some new sand toys for the sand box!  Which have already seen lots of action! What a lucky boy Henry is!

A new Xylophone from Grandma Kathy

Uncle Craig (Henry's Godfather) celebrated his 20th birthday on the day of Henry's birthday party.  Happy Birthday boys!

Digging in!

Henry really enjoyed his birthday cake!