Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 We have had BEAUTIFUL weather this winter.  Yesterday morning (Jan 10th) Eli and I played outside while Henry napped.  Here he is on his bike from Santa (still working on using the pedals).
 Saying "Hi" to the cows, literally.  He says "Hi" and "Bye" every time he sees them. 

 Such a beautiful day. 

This is a picture of Eli sleeping in his big boy bed.  We are still letting him choose which bed he sleeps in, crib or big bed for now.  Pretty soon we are planning on taking down the crib and moving him permanently into his big bed.  He's so precious while he sleeps.
"Let him sleep, for when he wakes he will move mountains" -unknown

Henry's Happenings...

Here is the latest and greatest on Henry...
Henry is SUCH a spunky little man.  He's always smiling, chasing Eli, getting into mischief, etc.  When he starts heading down the hallway to make trouble & we call out his name he crawls faster!  At 9 1/2 months he is walking along furniture and standing without support for a few seconds...this guy wants to walk BAD!  Henry is a pretty good eater, enjoys table food more than baby food and loves to feed himself.  His favorite game is to throw food/cups off of his high chair and have us retrieve them.  Henry takes two naps and is a great sleeper at night, going to bed around 7:30 and waking around 6-6:30.  We are just so blessed with another wonderful little guy!
On my birthday Henry's 2nd tooth broke through!! 
 After his nightly bottle Henry crashes!  Which is great because we get a chance to snuggle him!
 Brushing Henry's TWO teeth! 

Happy 25th Birthday to ME!

This year I turned a 1/4 of a century!  We celebrated by doing a little shopping, dinner and then home for some ice cream cake with my two favorite men!  Henry took the liberty of jumping right in! 
 Oh yeah, and this sleepy mama treated herself to an early bedtime for her birthday...8:30! 

Welcome 2012!!!

For New Years Eve we had a few friends over to celebrate.  While the boys had a bonfire in the backyard, us girls stayed in the house to watch "Bridesmaids".  Eli thought he'd stay up until midnight...not my intention, but he screamed every time we tried to get him to lay down.  Too much excitement I guess, plus I think he just wanted to ring in the new year with us!  Here is Eli kissing daddy to wish him a "Happy New Year!"
 And mommy's New Year/Birthday KISS! 
 Even though he was up until 12:30, he really was pretty good if we left him alone.  This is what Eli does ALL DAY Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM (or as Eli says, "Chi-Chi Moom Moom") and play with his alphabet puzzle.  I hope this means he is going to be an early reader!