Monday, January 31, 2011

The Toothpick Game

Grandpa Schneider almost always has a toothpick after he finishes a meal, and Eli has caught on.  He loves to take the toothpick out of his mouth and put it back in, always very careful.  I'm amazed he's so gentle and has never poked himself or anyone else.  Here are a few pics of Eli and Daddy playing the game after dinner one evening. 
 Back and forth, from Eli's mouth...
 ...back to daddy's. 

The Magic House!

A few weeks ago I got the itch to get out of the house. So I called up a friend of ours--Jennifer Schneider--and asked if she and her girls wanted to get out and do something fun! We decided on The Magic House because it is full of fun activities and WARM! Eli loved our day out with his (second) cousins, we can't wait to do it again!
Eli found a new friend driving a car, promptly made her scoot over, and took his turn at the wheel.  Her dad laughed, thinking the day a boy would drive her around in a car would be years from now!  Not Eli, he loves to drive!

 First time in a ball pit and what does Eli do?  Try to eat them of course! 
 Ava and Eli--only 4 days apart in age.
Both of the kids played so well, check out Jennifer's blog for more pictures of the day.  She has some really cute ones of Eli and Ava before and after the Magic House in their carseats!  SO cute!
Here is Eli playing with the gears on the magnet board.

Playing in the doll house with Ava (briefly)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have always enjoyed crafting, but having a little one (and another on the way) gives me so much more to do! From sewing to scrapbooking and beyond, I just love making things with my hands. This is why Anthony 'jokes' that I have officially taken over 'his' office. What does he do but check his email anyways...hehe. I have decided to start sharing my crafts with you all. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I had fun making them! Remember, if you see something you'd like for yourself--just ask--I may be able to craft one up for you as well!

I made these two aprons for my neices (age 2 & 7) for Christmas. I love the way they turned out. I had a little help from Anthony's Aunt Donna (who I bought my fabric from) and cousin Brandi (on how to construct them & she helped with Eli as I sewed) Thanks! Now that I've made a couple, I look forward to making one for myself and my own children! (Although I don't think Eli would like the girl's material)

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Goof Ball!

Eli is constantly entertaining us!  Here he has figured out how to stand on his bike to see out the window better!  Goof!
Eli loves to be naked.  I swear he'd run around without clothes all day if I'd let him.  He also loves to poke people.  He finds so much enjoyment in poking people and watching their reaction.  Here he is poking himself before bathtime.  Goof!
 One night before bath I got Eli's outfit 1/2 way off before he took off running.  He thought it was SO funny to have his clothes hanging off of his head.  Again, goof!

Christmas #1: Our House!

Due to the fact that Eli is still only 1, we didn't want to go overboard with Christmas at our house.  Still, we couldn't resist buying a few toys for Eli to open from "Santa" this Christmas.  There were after all a few toys I've been wanting to have around the house for Eli and his friends to play with.   
 Eli opened his stacking rings first and did NOT want to move on to any other toys!  He loves to play with these rings, stacking them up, taking them off and repeating! 
 Here is Eli with his "big" gift!  I've wanted him to have a music table for some time now, so we finally broke down and bought one.  He loves it!  He dances to the music all the time!  I'm so glad he can enjoy this with his new little brother and of course share with his friends.
 Daddy and Eli
Christmas 2010
"charging the video camera last minute"

Christmas #2

After Christmas Eve Mass, we headed over to the Driskills to celebrate!  The men competed in an ugly sweater contest.  Unfortunately my camera died, so I only snapped two photos :(  Here is the winner, Denny Tittle, strutting his stuff in a cactus sweater!  So fun!  Hope we do this again next year, so Anthony can compete!
 Corky and Dale showing off their sweaters! 

Christmas #3

Christmas morning was spent at Anthony's parents.  We enjoyed opening gifts and of course a yummy breakfast!  Here is the newly engaged Aunt Emily helping Eli open his first gift!  (Emily's boyfriend Justin proposed Christmas Eve! Congrats!)
Grandpa helping Eli open his new barn!  Although Eli got pretty good at ripping off paper this Christmas!
SO MAD because he couldn't get to the barn and the animals through the plastic!  Oh the frustration!
 Grandpa Schneider and Eli playing with an old barn from Great-Grandma Schneider's house. 

Christmas #4

Late Christmas morning we headed south to my Grandma Simpson's home in Southern MO.  It was a brief, one night stay, but we had fun seeing everyone!  Eli loves his new pretend Elmo camera and guitar from Grandma! 
 Eli loved to look at Christmas trees, but avoided touching the branches like they were the plague!  Here is Anthony trying to get him to touch Grandma's tree & Eli cracking up!
Eli finally met his cousins Taylor and Alex (who live in FL) for the first time on Christmas day.  He had a blast playing with them during their stay in MO.  Here is Eli and Alex goofing around on the couch before bed! 
Coloring cousins!
 Napping on the long drive home with Uncle Pete! 

Christmas #5

Our final Christmas celebration took place at my parents' house.  After a day of playing in the snow, we enjoyed a yummy dinner and opened gifts.  It was SO much fun to watch Eli play and interact with his cousins & to spend time with my brothers!  Here is Eli and grandpa with a Fischer Price "tv" that cranks to play music...Eli loves to watch the pictures go by!

Cousins: Taylor (7) Eli (1) Alex (2) posing with Uncle Pete's new fishing pole holder.  Made by Grandpa Simpson.  Eli loved sticking his hands through the rack. :)

 I LOVE this picture!  Because Pete and Taylor's gifts were so big, they had to cover their eyes for the surprise.  Typical of a 2 year old, Alex had to peek!  
 Taylor has been working hard to earn her Tae-Kwan-Do belts, so Grandpa Simpson made her a place to display them.  Taylor loved her gift!