Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prayers For Cindy

A very close childhood friend of mine's mother Cindy Lansford is facing cancer once again.  If there is anyone who can fight this it's Cindy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her always through this journey.  Cindy's blog is keeping all of her friends and family updated on her condition as well as her treatments.  PLEASE offer up your prayers for this loving and beautiful wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eli's First 6 months

Eli is currently down with a rather than clean (like I should be doing) I have decided to play with some pictures of Eli. Enjoy the collage of his first 6 months! Tomorrow I have to take picture number 7!!! (AHH!)
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Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's amazing how FAST kids grow!  I've been told this a million times, but until it was my own child I never quite understood.  In one days time Eli learned how to get up on his knees and inchworm across the room.  Now there is no stopping him!  Here are a few pictures of our mobile little boy!
Most of the time he just puts his head to the floor and pushes himself along with his toes.

Fishing with Uncle Pete

The one request my brother Pete made when he came home from Houston, TX was to take Eli fishing.  So, last Saturday morning Anthony, Pete and I took Eli fishing.  Although this wasn't his first time, I definitely think he enjoyed it the most!  The boys were really reeling them in too!  I think I got some really great shots! 

Eli and Uncle Pete
First catch of the day..not too bad!
Eli thought the fishing was pretty fun!  Look at the gleam in his eyes!
Even daddy got to take Eli out in the front pack! 
Eli loved playing in the grass too, he ripped it out of the ground and put it in his mouth...what a boy!

First Father's Day

Anthony's first Father's Day was spent lounging around with family.  Here we are at a park in Wentzville killing time before lunch and saying goodbye to Uncle Pete.  It was a beautiful day! 
Daddy taught Eli how to use his tounge to make strawberries on Father's day.  Something he regretted that night at dinner :)  Here Eli is spitting in his big boy carseat! 

That Boy Can Eat!

Almost any time we go somewhere we here, "You don't feed that boy, do you?"  So obviously it's not a surprise that Eli likes to eat--he always has!  Lately he wants to try anything on our plate too.  However mom doesn't give into that very often.  I am enjoying making Eli's baby food and he is trying new things all of the time.  We cooked up our first batch of garden green beans and Eli really likes those!  Along with some peas, carrots, peaches, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, cereal and occasionally some prunes to help things along ;)  (although mom doesn't make those from scratch..hehe)  Eli loves when we give him cheerios in the morning and although he can't quite figure out how to get them in his mouth, on occasion he can make it in and he gets pretty excited!  Below he is playing with some spaghetti. 
Eli's first time in a high chair and eating a cracker.  WOW was that nice...he was occupied the whole meal and mommy and daddy actually got to eat! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eli Turns 6 Months!

Our little boy is 6 months old!  I cannot imagine where the time has gone.  We treasure every day with him as he grows.  Anthony's cousin Karen Surls took Eli's 6 month photos and I think they turned out beautiful!  Enjoy!
I love these two...they are so timeless.

Already a  tractor lover!
Up to no good!
Cards fan already!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swimming and Sillyness

My cousin Christina and I are having SO much fun with our firstborn kiddos only 6 weeks apart in age.  Here are Eli and Chloe taking a dip in the kiddie pool. 
Christina was having fun snapping pictures of Eli after he got out of the pool. 

My silly boys playing before bed.  I don't know how I got this picture, but I LOVE the expression on Eli's face!  PRICELESS!  Oh and check it out... Eli does have a neck!  Hehe

This is how our little boy looks when he wakes up!  He's full of JOY!  Thank you God for our precious baby! 

Strawberry Picking and Grandma's Garden

Eli was the PERFECT baby at the strawberry fields (he always is) and I can't wait to take him on many more adventures.  Saturday we will be picking blueberries...can't wait!  He just sat in his stroller and talked, soaking in his surroundings.  From turning his head side to side, his hat kept moving to the side.  He looks so silly! 
My new favorite picture!  He's such an angel! 

"Helping" grandma with the garden.  We helped grandma plant some more beans and checked out the new growth!  Everything's looking pretty good!  We are already munching on the lettuce and can't wait for many more yummy treats! 
Checking out the peas!

Like Father, Like Son

I think Eli and Anthony definitely resemble one another in these two pictures!  They are both concentrating so hard.