Saturday, June 26, 2010

That Boy Can Eat!

Almost any time we go somewhere we here, "You don't feed that boy, do you?"  So obviously it's not a surprise that Eli likes to eat--he always has!  Lately he wants to try anything on our plate too.  However mom doesn't give into that very often.  I am enjoying making Eli's baby food and he is trying new things all of the time.  We cooked up our first batch of garden green beans and Eli really likes those!  Along with some peas, carrots, peaches, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, cereal and occasionally some prunes to help things along ;)  (although mom doesn't make those from scratch..hehe)  Eli loves when we give him cheerios in the morning and although he can't quite figure out how to get them in his mouth, on occasion he can make it in and he gets pretty excited!  Below he is playing with some spaghetti. 
Eli's first time in a high chair and eating a cracker.  WOW was that nice...he was occupied the whole meal and mommy and daddy actually got to eat! 

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