Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry Picking and Grandma's Garden

Eli was the PERFECT baby at the strawberry fields (he always is) and I can't wait to take him on many more adventures.  Saturday we will be picking blueberries...can't wait!  He just sat in his stroller and talked, soaking in his surroundings.  From turning his head side to side, his hat kept moving to the side.  He looks so silly! 
My new favorite picture!  He's such an angel! 

"Helping" grandma with the garden.  We helped grandma plant some more beans and checked out the new growth!  Everything's looking pretty good!  We are already munching on the lettuce and can't wait for many more yummy treats! 
Checking out the peas!

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Kathy S. said...

Grandma Rose would be so proud that her great granddaughter and great-great grandson are planting peas!