Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving the Little Things!

Always smiling!  I was watching the bears in my mobile and looked over at mommy with the camera...I'm so happy in the mornings!
Bath time!  Mommy and Daddy just love the dimples on my bottom!  I don't know why they think it's funny, I'm just happy to get into the bathtub to play!

Tummy time wore me out! 
This is what happens when mommy asks daddy to watch me while she jumps in the shower!  She is forever having to wake daddy and I up in the mornings!  We can't help it though!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playing on my jungle mat!  I LOVE looking at my duck and I am working more and more on lifting my head during tummy time! 

Lately I have been all smiles!  Here are a few pictures of me being cheesy!

Just me and my dad!  I can't wait for daddy to come home each day...I light up when he starts talking to me! 
One fish, two fish....
Look at the difference one month makes in the tub!  Now I love bathtime & I kick and splash half of the water out of my tub!  What am I going to do next month when I outgrow my bathtub? 
                               Two months old                                                One month old

Getting So Big!

Eli's been growing like a weed!  At his 2 month check up he weighed over 12 lbs!  I joke that he has his father's head too, because his head circumference was in the 75th percentile!  I'm so glad I ordered these stickers...they are such a cute way to track his growth.  Here are the changes he's made just over the last month!  His hair is definitely getting lighter & those legs are much thicker!