Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The flu from Hell...

A couple of weeks ago the boys came down with a terrible flu.  It was 9-10 days of vomitting and diarrhea...not fun!  For both boys this was their first flu & what a way to kick things off.  The poor babies layed around like this for 2 weeks.  Needless to say....we didn't leave the house much, except for church on Mother's Day when we thought we were past all of this, unfortunately we were wrong and found out the hard way as Eli vomitted in church that morning.  Hopefully we are all done with illnesses this year and have a nice, relaxing summer!

I just had to share, these were about the only pictures taken over a two week time frame.  I'm so glad they don't look like this any more!

Oh Henry

Oh my second child will give me grey hair for sure!  Henry constantly surprises me with his free spirt & I can only imagine what the future holds. 
Before and after bath time while Henry has his brief "naked baby" time, the first place he goes is his tractor.  I just hope he grows out of this.  I'd hate to have a call from his H.S. principle because he drove to school like this at 18!
 "Eli sits at the table, why can't I?"  One night while cleaning up the kitchen I look over to see this sweet face at the table next to Eli.  (can you tell he's teething?)


Fish Stories

Shortly after my mom bought her new house, we loaded up the fishing poles and headed to one of her lakes.  The boys loved the fresh April air and Eli reeled in his first fish!  We are excited for my mom as she makes her new house a home & can't wait for many more fishing adventures! 
Eli was obsessed with the fishing pole...Henry just loved playing in the grass :)
One of Anthony's BIG catches!  The pond is over-run with little fish, so we didn't have much luck with trophy fishing but as we weed out the small ones this will be a great fishing lake!   Grandma Kathy & Eli with her first fish in her new pond.
I just love these little guys, Henry's face is priceless.

Every time someone caught a fish Henry begged to touch it.  He just had to get his hands dirty too! 
 Eli's first fish!  And he had to give it a kiss before sending it back to it's home...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Henry's First Hair Cut

Henry has such beautiful hair, but no where near as much as Eli had!  So I decided I'd give him his first trim myself.  I really only had to trim around the back where it was getting pretty shaggy.  For a first hair cut it went pretty well.  The candy and daddy helped quite a bit!

Finished!  Such a handsome little man & his mommy! 

April Highlights

Just a few random pictures from April. 
Here's a sweet picture of Henry playing outside.

Eli spelling "Schneider" with his ABC puzzle.  (He only has one E in the puzzle, and has since learned how to use his E magnet to fill in the missing letter)
While washing the dishes one night I kept hearing "Please, please, please mommy.  More candy pleeease." When I turned to look at Eli, who really wanted more Easter candy, this is what I saw!  So cute!  Of course he got just one more piece for asking so nicely! 
Getting ready to go outside on a cool, spring day.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ZOO with Chloe!

My cousin Christina was off school the week after Easter so we decided to take the kiddos to Eli's favorite place, the ZOO! 
Chloe and Eli are just 6 weeks apart & the best of buddies!
Aren't they just precious?!!!

Eli's first choo-choo ride!  He loved every minute of it!  We were very lucky to get to sit in the back of the train next to the rear-conductor.  The two of them got to tell everyone, "All Aboard!"  Very cute!

Snack break!

All three were pooped and slept great all the way back home.

I couldn't resist a picture of the two boys in their matching shirts. 

Easter--Part 2

After a much needed nap, we headed over to Anthony's cousin Mandi's home for Easter with the Driskill side. 
Eli & Caroline playing with the bubbles.  Eli is only 2 weeks older than Miss Caroline, isn't she cute?!

What a mess! 

Blackmail for Eli.  Eli loved Caroline's cool, pink bike!

Our second egg hunt for the day.  Eli cracked us up, before he'd put an egg in his basket he had to make sure there were goodies inside!

Henry going flying in the setting sun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Egg Hunt!

After breakfast at Grandpa & Grandma Schneider's we headed outside for an egg hunt.  Eli was a pro and of course enjoyed collecting and counting his eggs, 12 in all. 

Found one!

Henry was happy with his one egg, opening it, playing with the candy and pulling grass.

My attempt to get a "sweet" picture of the boys after the hunt went as follows...

Oh life with two boys!

Easter Sunday Morning

Easter is by far my favorite holiday.  I love it's true meaning and it is our goal to instil the importance of Jesus' sacrifice with our children.  With that being said, Easter baskets are fun & to me the commemorate how we should celebrate Jesus' life and death.  So Anthony and I put together some simple baskets for the boys with mostly books, some bubbles and a little candy.  :)  A fun way to kick off Easter Sunday morning.
Eli's checking out the goodies

I totally failed to take a family picture after church this year, but I do have a few cute pictures of Eli.  I couldn't help but smile when I looked down at him standing around looking just like his daddy and uncles with his hands in his pockets.  You can take the boy out of the country...but you can't take the country out of the boy! 

Henry with Uncle Nick, Anthony, Uncle Kevin, Eli, Jacob and Uncle Craig. 

Little Bruiser

Just before Easter Henry took a nasty fall and hit the corner of his eye on the edge of our fireplace.  It scraped the skin & immediately pooled up with blood, resulting in a nasty black eye and a little scar next to his eye.  Although he was pretty upset when it happened, he got over it pretty fast thanks to some help by big brother Eli.  Eli sang "Henry was his name-o" to him and helped rub his back. 

Moments later Henry was up and runnign again!

The next morning his eye looked like this...
Poor fella.  Although it looked terrible, it didn't seem to bother Henry.

Come one, Come all!

My (second) cousin Christina asked us if we'd like to join her, her husband Harry and daughter Chloe at the circus.  Mom and I took the boys & had a wonderful time!  Although we only stayed through intermission, I had a blast & can't wait to take them back in a couple of years!  Here are Eli and Chloe playing with their new light up toys...just as entertaining to a two year old as the actual circus. 
 Eli giving a round of applause

All of the pretty lights were enough to put Henry to sleep (with the help of a back rub from Grandma Kathy)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Little Monkey's 1st Birthday!

Choosing a "theme" for Henry's birthday really wasn't difficult.  Anthony and I have both called him a little monkey for months now, because he climbs on everything (and he hangs on my hip like a monkey too).  With a little creativity I made all of the party decorations, including his monkey cake!  It's not perfect, but it's made with love! 

Happy First Birthday Henry....

A new rocking horse from Great-Grandma Simpson, Great-Aunt Barb & cousin Lena!  Both boys LOVE the rocking horse and ride it often!

Opening gifts...Henry got LOTS of clothes, which works out great because all of Eli's hand-me-downs are winter clothes and Henry was in need of summer.  But not any more!  He also got some new sand toys for the sand box!  Which have already seen lots of action! What a lucky boy Henry is!

A new Xylophone from Grandma Kathy

Uncle Craig (Henry's Godfather) celebrated his 20th birthday on the day of Henry's birthday party.  Happy Birthday boys!

Digging in!

Henry really enjoyed his birthday cake!