Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish Stories

Shortly after my mom bought her new house, we loaded up the fishing poles and headed to one of her lakes.  The boys loved the fresh April air and Eli reeled in his first fish!  We are excited for my mom as she makes her new house a home & can't wait for many more fishing adventures! 
Eli was obsessed with the fishing pole...Henry just loved playing in the grass :)
One of Anthony's BIG catches!  The pond is over-run with little fish, so we didn't have much luck with trophy fishing but as we weed out the small ones this will be a great fishing lake!   Grandma Kathy & Eli with her first fish in her new pond.
I just love these little guys, Henry's face is priceless.

Every time someone caught a fish Henry begged to touch it.  He just had to get his hands dirty too! 
 Eli's first fish!  And he had to give it a kiss before sending it back to it's home...

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