Monday, January 31, 2011

The Magic House!

A few weeks ago I got the itch to get out of the house. So I called up a friend of ours--Jennifer Schneider--and asked if she and her girls wanted to get out and do something fun! We decided on The Magic House because it is full of fun activities and WARM! Eli loved our day out with his (second) cousins, we can't wait to do it again!
Eli found a new friend driving a car, promptly made her scoot over, and took his turn at the wheel.  Her dad laughed, thinking the day a boy would drive her around in a car would be years from now!  Not Eli, he loves to drive!

 First time in a ball pit and what does Eli do?  Try to eat them of course! 
 Ava and Eli--only 4 days apart in age.
Both of the kids played so well, check out Jennifer's blog for more pictures of the day.  She has some really cute ones of Eli and Ava before and after the Magic House in their carseats!  SO cute!
Here is Eli playing with the gears on the magnet board.

Playing in the doll house with Ava (briefly)

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