Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas #5

Our final Christmas celebration took place at my parents' house.  After a day of playing in the snow, we enjoyed a yummy dinner and opened gifts.  It was SO much fun to watch Eli play and interact with his cousins & to spend time with my brothers!  Here is Eli and grandpa with a Fischer Price "tv" that cranks to play music...Eli loves to watch the pictures go by!

Cousins: Taylor (7) Eli (1) Alex (2) posing with Uncle Pete's new fishing pole holder.  Made by Grandpa Simpson.  Eli loved sticking his hands through the rack. :)

 I LOVE this picture!  Because Pete and Taylor's gifts were so big, they had to cover their eyes for the surprise.  Typical of a 2 year old, Alex had to peek!  
 Taylor has been working hard to earn her Tae-Kwan-Do belts, so Grandpa Simpson made her a place to display them.  Taylor loved her gift!

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