Friday, March 30, 2012

Birthday Balloons

I saw the idea online to start the birthday tradition of filling your child's room with balloons on their birthday.  That way, when they wake up on their birthday they will know that it's their special day.  I loved the idea & for $0.98 Henry woke up to a room full of balloons on his first birthday!  Of course he called them "balls" and had fun throwing them around his room (& the rest of the house for the day).  Eli saw them and immediately started lining them up to count them...nerd. 

 Happy 1st Birthday Little Man! 
At one year Henry...
...walks from room to room
...eats all table food, with a prefernce for meat and pasta. 
...loves to bug Eli by taking his toys
...can stand up all by himself without using something to pull up on
...giggles and smiles ALL the time!
...says, "ball" "mama" "dada" "ahh" (when he wants a drink) and "MMM" (at the cows)
...loves to look at the cows
...lights up when daddy comes home slow to go to strangers
...loves to swing
...tries to eat rocks, dandelions and sand :)
...sleeps GREAT, usually just one 2-3 hr afternoon nap & 11-12 hours at night
...has 6 teeth, but tries to eat almost everything! the greatest gift Mommy, Daddy & Eli could ever ask for!

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