Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Needs Toys?

Who needs toys when you have a BIG BOX?  Not my boys! :)  We've enjoyed playing with this large box for a couple of months now, the boys used it as a playhouse, decorated it with crayons and markers, hid their toys in it, etc.  Unfortunately cardboard boxes and two boys aren't meant for life-long fun and the box was begining to show some age.  So Anthony and I let the boys turn it on it's side the last couple of days before it ended up in the burn pile.  Eli and Henry LOVED it, they used it to climb on, slide down and send their cars and trucks down it as a ramp.  Just another way we've been beating these winter blues.  :)

When Anthony crawled inside to hide from the boys I couldn't help but tip him back and trap him in.  Let's just say he didn't find it as funny as Eli and I did.  Especially when we were tossing plastic balls on him.  The fun was over when Eli found a real baseball and tossed it in on daddy's head.  Whoops. 
 Such a good sport.

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