Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

The last few months Eli has really perfected his knowlegde of his letters, both uppercase and lowercase.  So he's found other ways to explore letters...his favorite past-time.  Here he is matching his puzzle letters to the "Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom" letters. (an alphabet book)
 On this day Eli would tell me which letter comes next so that I could finger paint them. 
 We find Eli spelling his name with his puzzle letters as well as his blocks.  He also assigns each of us our letters each night, "M for Mama", "D for Dada" and "H for Henry".
My personal favorite...Eli holds up the corresponding letter when it's called on Wheel of Fortune each night.  I'm not kidding, we do this EVERY night, Eli thought of this little activity himself & can't get enough.  I just love how engrossed in letters he is.  It definitely makes my life easier, there are always letters and numbers to distract him.  In the car he already reads the letters on road signs, billboards, throughout Walmart, etc.  It's so much fun for the teacher in me! :)
 My mini Picasso...

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