Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day 2012!  Here are this year's Valentine's from the boys.  They read, "From the bottom of my heart... to the tips of my toes...I love you!"
 1/3 of my Valentines
 Eli's first sledding adventure!  The snow was melting quickly, so we headed over to my mom's so she could watch Henry while Eli and I headed outside.  Eli was all giggles!
 He even carried the sled back up the hill!  Oh yeah!
 Henry trying to get to us.  He really wasn't upset, just curious. 
 Home made oreo's for my Valentines.  Really sweet, but overall pretty good.
 Lastly, Anthony and I decided to wait and go out the night after Valentine's day.  (which was really nice because the restaurants and movie theaters weren't busy at all)  So I could make a special treat for us all, a heart shaped pizza...It was SO yummy too!

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