Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More wedding photos

Here are some more photographs from the wedding, thanks Kristen! Also, if anyone was wanting to buy our photos from the website they will be available through August 20th online, otherwise you can contact me.

Anthony's right I did get him first.

Two of my favorite party animals! This is Markita and Kristen boogying (sp?) down!

Go Grandma go! Brandon and grandma gettin down!

Grandpa and Kristen...precious.

Doing my hair before the ceremony...Thanks Denise, it was beautiful.

Our hayride...before hand. What a blast!

After the hayride, at the reception. We might have had a little bit much on the wagon!

Jacob's toast. It was beautiful... Thank you. (PS- i think Taylor's diggin for gold :)

My girls... Taylor, Maddie, Makayla and Caitlin.

Cutting the cake!

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