Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Photos

OUR Wedding photos are available to view online! To view them, go to you will need to enter either your own email address or mine (mine is There are two event codes... one for each book full of photos. The first code is 24222p062108-1 and the second is 24222p062108-2 There are a couple of ways to order the photos. You may either buy them online or contact me. However the way the photo is viewed is the way it will come unless cropping is specified. Enjoy!


The Schneider's said...

Welcome to the blogging world! We can't wait to see new updates. The wedding pics turned out awesome, not sure how you will narrow them down, they are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

Josh, Molly, Makayla & Allison said...

The pictures are amazing. They turned out so good. Hope you have a large photo fund! I really like the ones where you are sitting on the bench together and Sara's feet are up on Anthony and your getting a foot rub! I love it.