Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh the Joys of Winter!

We have had SO MUCH SNOW this winter!  As I watch Anthony dig out from our Blizzard 2011, I am posting a few pictures of our activities this last month.  Eli and I spend the majority of our days indoors, but I love it when it gets warm enough to take him outside in the afternoons!  The fresh air is amazing for both of us!  I can't wait for spring for two reasons--the little guy's arrival and warmer weather! 
Here is Eli checking out what was left after one of our snow storms one morning!

Later that day I bundled Eli up and we headed out the door--not before a picture of course!  (Eli's leaning on the door ready to go)

What a sweet smile!  This was the first time Eli got to go out and play in the snow since he's been able to walk really well.  He took OFF!  It's a good thing we don't have much traffic, because he (and I) wandered down the street quite a ways.  He was SO happy to get to roam free, chase his shadow, bust up snow balls and dig in the snow.  Only later did he figure out he could eat some of the snow too!

 Watching daddy dig us out (again).

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January 2011

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