Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had so much fun with Eli's first Halloween!  After his 3 hour nap (surprise!) we took him out trick or treating to a few family members.  By the time we got back home he was ready for another nap (which worked out great bc mom and dad could carve some pumpkins!)  After he woke up, Eli's grandparents and a few friends came over to visit and eat.  We had fun watching the trick or treaters stop by too!  This annual event is definitely something to look forward to!
The only picture I have with Eli's hood up.  He wore his costume all afternoon without a complaint--even took a nap in it--but he wasn't fond of the hood/lion's mane.  That's okay...he is just a baby after all!

"Much better!  Now...what exactly are we doing?"

At Eli's Great-Grandparent's house.  I love this picture with his cute little tail!

Aunt Debbie shared some M&M's with Eli.  His first for the day, but not his last!  Yum!

Anthony's pumpkin (left) Eli's (center) and Sara's (right)
I think Anthony did an AWESOME job this year!  

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