Friday, October 29, 2010

Catching Up

It has been almost a month since my last post...WOW how time flies!  October is always such a fun month.  As the weather changes I can't help but think back to last year and the anticipation of having a little one around.  Little did I know at Halloween last year it would only be one month until we met our little man.  He is such a blessing and I thank God every single day for his presence in our lives.  Eli has become such a ham over the last month.  He loves to 'farm' with his toy tractors, pushing them around all day long.  Eli loves hide and seek, splashing in the bath, his blankie at bed time, snuggling with Mommy and of course his favorite is Daddy!  Eli has gotten really good at drinking from his sippy cup and loves to "read" books by turning the pages and pointing to the pictures.  Here are just a few moments frozen in time of our little man.

Stealing an apple that mommy and grandma picked. I love apples!

Hiding under the kitchen table....Daddy caught me! 

After a walk...this is what my hair looks like after a stocking cap!

Mommy went outside to take clothes off the line...since Eli can't make the trip with me or be left alone to roam free, he got to play in the excersaucer (a treat!) and watch Mickey Mouse.  I think he did okay, don't you? 

Mommy and Eli coloring!  We also made "ghosts" for Halloween out of Eli's footprint....they turned out REALLY cute! 
Beef stew...YUM! 

Again, I walked out of the room to switch the laundry and I hear a BOOM...a whole basket of folded clothes are dumped on the ground. 

Helping daddy farm is rough! 

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