Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Anthony and I handed out candy this halloween, and then went over to Markita's Halloween party. We had a great time...especially Anthony. I was a nurse and he was a hunter who fell from a stand...notice his bleeding ears and bruise.
Below...Danielle and I
Mike and Egyptian and a Jamaican. Markita and her roomies had the theme "a trip around the world". They were all so cute.
Anthony and Markita...lovin life.
My favorite picture of the night...Markita, Mike Ockerhausen, Danielle and my cousin Brandon-a lumberjack.
Anthony and I...arent we cute. Anthony rubbed his blood on my forehead...very realistic.
Markita and I

Sorry Hallie, it's not the best pic. Here's a picture of the kiddos I babysit. They were our only trick-or-treaters. But weren't they so cute. Cooper the lion, Parker was Buzz Lightyear, Spencer was Woody and Abby was the tooth fairy. We were so happy they stopped by.

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