Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Apartment

To the left is our front door. I'm standing in our living room, nothing much to see. This is our tiny dining room and kitchen. Although the kitchen is a good size. Behind the wall on the right is the fridge and walk-in pantry. We have so much storage in this's amazing!
This is our hallway, the first door to the left is a closet...behind the second door is our bathroom. At the end of the hall on the left is the office and the right is our bedroom. Along the right hand wall is the washer/dryer closet, however we use this as a storage area.
The lovely bathroom.
Our bedroom. These pictures were taken only a couple of days after we moved in, before we left for our honeymoon I snapped a few pictures...don't mind the mess. Through the door in the back is our patio. It now houses our grill and clothesline. :)
Lastly, this is our office. The last thing to be unpacked. It's our cozy place for writing papers (me) and paying bills (anthony) haha. Just kidding. Overall, we love our apartment, we only wish we could stay a little longer.

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